Beijer Ref insight

Beijer Ref Group
The Beijer Ref group, head-quartered in Malmö Sweden is one of the world’s biggest distributors

of HVAC&R technologies. The company’s expansion strategy is twofold: to enlarge the geographical landscape and to harmonize the product portfolio and the production. The company intends to produce, as an OEM, at several locations around the world, and to sell the portfolio worldwide. The company is convinced and optimistic that the demand for the use of natural refrigerants will grow. Beijer Ref is therefore keen to enlarge its natural refrigerant portfolio. It is this desire to be at the forefront of new technology development that drives the company’s expansion.

Beijer Ref is committed, determined and united in its future strategy. The company is a market leader on green solutions. It is in its culture and DNA to care about protecting the environment. As a Swedish company Beijer Ref defends these values within the industry.

Beijer Ref Support Center
Is a Beijer Ref company. Its head office in Oirschot, the Netherlands is known as the Beijer Ref Support Center. The Center was custom built to Beijer Ref’s requirements and has a total space of 12500 square meters. It is a state of the art building that is equipped with the latest sustainable and energy efficient features for its; offices, warehouses and production facility.

As we can derive from the name, it is a support center for the Beijer Ref companies.

  • The Beijer Ref Support Center, which utilizes the back office and the general warehouse for the Beijer Ref independent sales companies.
  • SCM Ref production facility for the packaged units and racks.
  • The Beijer Ref Academy which is focused on developing ‘best practice’ knowledge about our innovative technology’s for ammonia and other natural refrigerant packaged units. Supporting our partners and customers with dedicated training programs.

Beijer Ref Support BV
Is the head office in the Benelux and centralises the back office and the general warehouse in the support center. It will support the Beijer Ref companies.