Features and benefits

Embrace refrigerants naturally:
NH3 is an ideal refrigerant for our industry due to its efficiency, cost effectiveness and safety. In fact, it contributes significantly less to the greenhouse effect. Unlike all other refrigerants, NH3 itself has no negative impact on the greenhouse effect (GWP=0). Due to the very good thermodynamic properties, the energy consumption is much lower than with many other refrigerants, which also reduces the burden on the environment and the operating costs are more favorable. The SCM REF NH3 chiller line – with its high efficiency and built-in safety features – makes it incredibly easy and safe to use NH3 Chillers.

Semi-hermetic NH3 compressor:
Advanced semi-hermetic NH3 screw compressors with high efficiency permanent magnet motors are installed on the SCM REF NH3 Chillers. They, along with many other control mechanisms, help to significantly reduce failures and improve efficiency. An open drive NH3 compressor is also available.

Compact and robust Shell & Plate heat exchangers:
The Shell & Plate heat exchangers on the SCM REF NH3-Chillers are compact in design and industry leading efficiency for industrial applications. The fully welded stainless steel plates are strong and reliable, even in extreme conditions. The patented sheet profiles have demonstrable high thermal performance. Double safety valves are welded to the heat exchangers.

Highly automated control system:
SCM REF NH3 chiller has safety mechanism embedded, which work in harmony with an own developed chiller control software. The sophisticated control scheme is invented by engineers with rich field experience. We make these industrial chillers safe and easy to use almost like plug & play. In most scenarios, users only need to define the cold water/brine temperature. A router is integrated in the electrical panel. Easy internet access is available by means of TCP/IP.

Both indoor and outdoor units are available for all models:
The SCM REF NH3-Chillers are designed for a wide spectrum of environments and applications and available in indoor and outdoor installation and with a water- or air-cooled condenser. The Chiller with air-cooled condenser is supplied as prefab and very easy to install. Thoughtful design and robust quality ensure efficient operation in extreme weather conditions and environments.

Weatherproof casing for outside:
The outdoor units are protected by strong weatherproof casings and are suitable for industrial and marine environments. They have a built-in ammonia detector with alarm. Optionally, sound-absorbing panels and ATEX version are also available.