Chiller categorization

Naming System

Application: AC comfort chiller and medium temperature process cooling.

Option 1: Winter package for extreme low ambient temperature.
Option 2: Weather casing with mechanical ventilation. ATEX fans.
Option 3: Closed casing with sound-proof panel, mechanical cooling and NH3 blow out. ventilation. ATEX fans.
Option 4: General exhaust pipe connecting all relief valves to the outside of casing.
Option 5: Liquid injection for oil temperature protection.
Option 6: 3-way regulating valve at water inlet connection for head pressure control of water-cooled condenser.
Option 7: Hybrid air-cooled condenser/dry cooler are available for air-cooled/water-cooled chillers. Please contact SCM Ref for details.
Option 8: Adaption to NH3 CO2 application on reques

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