Key benefits of ammonia

Key benefits of Ammonia

Ammonia is a natural refrigerant, durable and energetically often the best solution for many applications, both in refrigeration technology but also in air conditioning. With the current state of technology, it can be integrated in most projects in an extremely safe way.

1) Ammonia is natural and therefore environmentally friendly. It does not affect the ozone layer and does not contribute to global warming.
2) Ammonia has superior thermodynamic properties. As a result, ammonia cooling systems use significantly less energy

Safety aspect of ammonia
Ammonia vapors are toxic in very high concentrations, ammonia is relatively safe from explosion hazard and is classified as a low flammable gas (B2L).

The SCM REF Ammonia Chiller line – with its high efficiency and built-in safety features – makes it unprecedentedly easy and safe to operate and deploy Ammonia Chillers. Handling ammonia requires some training and safety precautions.

Why choose natural refrigerants?

Natural refrigerants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3) and hydrocarbons (CxHy) have been used successfully for many years in several large air conditioning and refrigeration applications. However, except for a few sectors, their market penetration has remained relatively low, but today this is changing rapidly.

The changing legal requirements for the use of fluorinated refrigerants, the proactive input of end users, especially in the field of energy use, are leading to a wider use of natural refrigerants worldwide.

The SCM Ref standard Chillers can open up NH3 to new application areas, including, for example, air conditioning for residential buildings and cold generation for large distribution centers and supermarkets.

NH3 is the only refrigerant with an ODP=0 “ozone-depleting” capacity and GWP=0 “global warming potential”.