For all type of commercial refrigeration processes

The new chillers from SCM Ref have an Easy Installation design with one or two semi-hermetic NH₃ compressors. The chillers in the line have different capacities (from 60 to 1400 kW) and different temperature ranges, with setpoint shift. The design is optimized for high ambient temperatures, making it for example versatile for commercial and industrial applications. The ammonia chiller line is available in an air- or water-cooled version and available for indoor or outdoor installation. In addition, SCM Ref offers a noise-reducing housing as an option.

The SCM Ref Chillers can be used for various applications, such as:
Dairy Industry, Meat and Fish Processing, Ready Meals, Beverage Industry, Breweries, Bakeries, Confectionery Industry, Chocolate Industry, Pasta Industry, Fruit storage, Freezer storage, General Foods, etc.