Process Chiller with water-cooled condenser

Technical data Process Chiller with water-cooled condenser

*(1) Mandatory to use Water Ethylene Glycol mixture for protection against frost. Also suitable for other coolant fluids s.a. CaCl2, ammonia-water and other industrial brines.

*(2) Cooling capacity at nominal saturated evaporation and condensing temperatures -11°C / +38°C. (R717). Performances are based on compressor manufacturer data that comply with EN12900 standard. See the chiller envelope for the full temperature range application.

*(3) For the SRS semi-hermetic screw compressor. One compressor version also available with Bitzer open screw.

– Digital and analog setpoint shift available to comply with wide application range.
– Process chiller set point shift allows brine outlet temperature set between -2°C and -11°C.

– Dimensions in the table above are with casing included. The top cover is demountable to fit into a container.
– Orders with casings will be delivered with absorption dampers dismounted.