Focus area’s

Flexibility and large experience

Flexibility and large experience

SCM Ref is truly a company with a long track record and is always at the forefront of technology and innovation in the market. Our rack building department has been producing innovative units since the 1960s. Thanks to this experience, we know better than anyone what our customers want, and we can respond with flexibly solutions. SCM Ref will continue this trend in the future by developing units that meet the current investment climate, all the regulations and environmental requirements

Focus on Innovation

Focus on innovation

SCM Ref is constantly on the move. We build units with a focus on innovation, always going one step further than our competitors. SCM Ref in the Netherlands specializes in Ammonia units, which are standardized in such a way that the installer does not have to worry about it and can easily connect and commission them. Naturally, these units comply with the latest regulations and certifications. In addition, we can produce custom made almost any project for you. Innovation is in our DNA and the customer will notice that. You will notice!


Reliable partner

SCM Ref is a reliable partner, with knowledge, experience, and decisiveness. We solve all problems together with the customer. We can rely on our extensive, professional network to meet any challenge. And should a problem arise somewhere, we will solve it professionally. Because we build partnerships with our customers!

Unique NH3 chiller line

Unique NH3 Chiller line

SCM Ref Nederland builds unique innovative standard NH3 units. These ‘low’ charge Ammonia units meet all safety requirements. They are energy efficient, cost-effective, and reliable. Our standard NH3 units are built in such a way that they are service-friendly and easy to install.